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Three Christian Podcast Episodes to Listen To

I listen to quite a few podcasts every week. Some are great, some not so much.

Just like with any media we consume, we have to be on guard to what we expose ourselves to. Remember, our hearts are easily swayed – even sometimes away from core beliefs. Finding content that pushes me closer to Jesus is always a priority for me.

Here are a few episodes I’ve listened to recently that I found to be a blessing. Since I have a backlog of episodes these have all been out for quite awhile, but I think you’ll find they’re just as good as something “fresh.”

Cultural Christian: Progressive Christianity
Athey Creek Devoted Podcast

This is the first episode I’ve listened to from the Devoted Podcast – so I can’t speak to the content of other episodes, but I found this one to be thought provoking. We’re living in some unprecedented times and it is so crucial that we know God’s Word so we can identify a counterfeit when we comes across it.

Explaining EACH piece of “The Armor of God”

In this quick episode Pastor Mike Winger gives an overview of each piece of “The Armor of God.” I found this especially helpful when he got to the shoes we are to put on and was convicted by his pointing out how so often we neglect to share the Gospel.

Does God Give Consequences to His Children?
Verity by Phylicia Masonheimer

The Verity Podcast from Bible teacher Phylicia Masonheimer is quickly becoming one of my favorites. This episode does a great job of walking through the reality that we do experience the consequences of our sin, even if we have been born again and saved from it.

A Note of Caution…

Please note that I share these episodes with you with the best of intention. I do not personally know the people or entities behind these episodes and am not providing a full endorsement of their teaching. I have reviewed their statement of beliefs and have found that we have agreement on the primary issues of Christianity.

I would encourage you to take the time to also review the statement of beliefs from a Bible teacher, writer, podcaster, church, ministry or other organization before you consume their content. As Christians it is essential that we have agreement on primary core issues like The Trinity, who Jesus is, how we are saved, the inerrancy of scripture, etc. When we do not have unity on these issues we can fall victim to absorbing and accepting beliefs that are outside of true Christian faith.

There are many “secondary” issues that Christians may have disagreement on, but can still allow us to have peace within the body of Christ. These issues include things like the role of women in churches, views on communion, birth control and alcohol, just to name a few.

When we’re not careful we can easily be led astray. Many people say they are Christians, but are not truly walking with The Lord. We can also bring division and hurt within the body of Christ when we mistakingly elevate secondary issues to primary positions of importance.

If this all sounds completely new to you (the difference between primary and secondary issues), I encourage you to read Phylicia Masonheimer’s book, Every Woman a Theologian and if you’re curious, here is a link to my Statement of Faith.

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Matthew 7:15-20 ESV