There are so many wonderful resources you can use to help you in your desire to seek "more" of Jesus. The first place to start is God's Holy Word. Be in the Bible friend. Be in it daily. And while it's great to have the Bible on an electronic device like your phone, if you are able to, try studying using a physical, printed Bible so as to minimize distractions when you spend time with the Lord in His Word. If this is not possible for you, do your best to limit distractions such as notifications. It will bless you to spend quiet, intentional, uninterrupted time in the Bible. 

Please understand that the recommended resources are not a full endorsement of the source, publisher, designer or creator but are recommended based on the specific content shared. Humans are by our very nature prone to error and sadly to sin. To the best of Liz's ability the recommended resources have been researched and vetted, but those searches are not exhaustive, infallible or everlasting... except for the Bible in correct translations.

Should you like to suggest additional resources to be listed here or have valid proof why a resource should be removed, please visit the Contact page and send Liz a message.

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A Note About "Resources"



My preferred translation is the English Standard Version, or ESV. I have found it easier to understand than the more traditional King James. I enjoy using this Single Column Journaling Bible during church and weekly Bible Study. The single columns located on the outside of each page give sufficient room for note taking - especially if you write small. 

This style is also available in a large type version.  

You can find this version and style online through retailers like and also on Amazon.

For at home studying I prefer to use an Interleaved edition of the ESV. An interleaved Bible has a blank page in between each page of text, allowing for LOTS of note taking. 

This style of of Bible is said to have been created by Sarah Edwards, the wife of 18th century theologian and preacher Jonathan Edwards

You can find this version and style online through retailers like and also on Amazon.



ESV Single Column Journaling Bible

ESV Interleaved Journaling Bible


This Bible commentary set from Dr. Zuck and Dr. Wolword is a great tool if you are wanting to use a commentary in your study. Both men were teachers at Dallas Theological Seminary and have gone on to be with the Lord. 

You don't have to be a scholar to use this commentary and will find the included illustrations and charts helpful in your study. 

You can find this version and style online through retailers like and also on Amazon.

As you study the Bible you may find it difficult or nearly impossible to keep track of all the tremendous details included in Scripture. The Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps & Timelines is my go-to resource for looking at the chronological timeline of the books of the Bible. I also find the diagrams of the Temple and maps of the Holy Land to be really helpful in providing context to my study time.

You can find this version and style online through retailers like and also on Amazon.



The Bible Knowledge Commentary: Old & New Testament

Rose Book of Bible Charts Maps and Time Lines

This New Testament Bible commentary is one of the most interesting physical commentaries I've ever seen. It combines the commentaries of John Wesley and Matthew Henry along with sermons from Charles Spurgeon onto the same pages. 

This resource is a great tool to hear from some of histories greatest theological teachers and thinkers, but can be a bit challenging. 

You can find this version and style online through retailers like and also on Amazon.


Parallel Commentary on the New Testament: Spurgeon, Wesley & Henry


I utilize this free online Bible tool daily as I study through God's Word. You can utilize for a variety of uses including searching through Scripture, studying the Bible, reading devotionals and more. The website includes a complete Hebrew and Greek lexicon and audio soundbites of pronunciations. 

This resource is a great tool for both beginning Bible students and seasoned ones. A downloadable app is also available for free. 


Blue Letter Bible - FREE Online Bible Search Tool & Mobile App

This online biblical commentary from pastor David Guzik is one I use daily as I study verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter through God's Word. It is a wonderful resource that you can access from any computer or phone with an Internet connection and it's completely free to use. Enduring Word also offers a downloadable app, daily devotions, a weekly email and more.

The context is theologically sound and the author provides references to many other helpful texts. 


Enduring Word Commentary - FREE Online Commentary & Mobile App

Pastor Mike Winger creates a variety of online content resources to help you think biblically about everything. His website has a catalog of his many YouTube videos and allows you to look for a video based on a particular topic or word. 

In addition to the Bible Thinker podcast, the Bible Thinker website is a great tool for finding easy to understand videos on every topic related to Christianity and the Bible.

VISIT THE SITE - FREE Video Archive of Teachings


If you are interested in learning about Christian theology and being able to share what you believe with others, this book from Christian author, speaker and podcaster Phylicia Masonheimer is a wonderful resource.

You can find additional resources from Phylicia online on her website at and through her ministry, Every Woman a Theologian.



Written in the 1990s, this book is just as relevant to the profound issue moral relativism is having on American society today. 

Written by two leading Christian Apologists, Franics J. Beckwith and Gregory Koukl, this book will help you to better understand how to speak truth to those struggling with understanding that issues like morality and truth are absolute.


Every Woman a Theologian by Phylicia Masonheimer

Relativism by Francis J. Beckwith and Gregory Koukl

This easy to read book gives seven illustrated examples of how the Gospel is being distorted in today's culture as a way to entice people into churches and organizations. 

Author Allen Parr helps readers to identify the twisting of the Gospel in order to help themselves and others from falling for lies with eternal consequences.


If you're interested in learning how the Bible came to be, this concise explanation is a great resource. Beginning with the Old Testament and going through the New, the author provides a variety of context, definitions and easy-to-understand explanations of the earliest versions of God's Word.


Misled by Allen Parr

How We Got the Bible by Timothy Paul Jones, PhD

This little book is a great resource if you're just beginning to study the Bible. It provides a short summary of each of the 66 books of the Bible using seven different categories/sub-headings:
Author, Date, In Ten Words or Less, Details Please, Quotable, Unique and Unusual and So What? 

It's a wonderful tool to help you wrap your mind and your memory around breadth of Scripture.


I read this book as part of the recommended curriculum for the Certificate in Christian Apologetics offered by the Talbott School of Theology at Biola University, which I highly recommend. 

It isn't easy reading, but it's worth taking the time to work through and will help you be better prepared to answer questions from non-believers and those struggling with issues of faith.


Know Your Bible

When Skeptics Ask by Norman L. Geisler



Hosted by Christian pastor, Mike Winger the BibleThinker podcast will help you to think biblically about everything.

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Hosted by Christian author, speaker and podcaster Phylicia Masonheimer, Verity podcast covers a wide range of topics within Christianity. 

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Twice weekly verse-by-verse Bible teaching from Liz's local church, Siskiyou Christian Fellowship in Yreka, California.

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Recordings of Dr. J. Vernon McGee's verse-by-verse teachings through the New Testament. The Old Testament is also available as a separate podcast.

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j. vernon mcgee

Presented by Talbott School of Theology at Biola University, this weekly podcast offers Christian perspectives issues facing the church.

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Hosted by Christian pastor, Jeremy Jenkins, Basecamp equips listeners to understand varying worldviews and how to share the Gospel with people in the darkest places.

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Hosted by author and artist Ruth Chou Simons and co-host Eve Stipes, the Gracelaced podcast is a weekly, uplifting podcast hihglighting God's goodness and grace. 

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Hosted by Christian Apologist Alisa Childers, this podcast is focused on helping you to respond biblically to progressive Christianity.

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Hosted by Jennie Allen, Christian author, speaker and creator of IF: Gathering.

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If you're interested in learning more about the history of Israel, this is a fascinating podcast hosted by Noam Weissman.

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Christy Nockels

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Phil Wickham 

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ALBUM: this is the hour

song: this is our god

I Am They (featuring Cheyenne Mitchell)

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City Alight

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