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Image of the book, Every Woman a Theologian by Phylicia Masonheimer.

New Book Review: Every Woman a Theologian

“Theology” can be an intimidating word. In her new book, Every Woman a Theologian, author and Bible teacher Phylicia Masonheimer makes Christian theology approachable and understandable, so as the subtitle says, you can “Know What you Believe. Live It Confidently. Communicate It Graciously.

It isn’t an “easy” read, but it isn’t difficult either. Phylicia blends a wonderful balance between teaching and sharing; weaving personal stories and reflections into the pages. I knew I was going to love this book when I was already underlining sentences in the Introduction.

One of my favorite lines is in the chapter on Soteriology, the Doctrine of Salvation, it reads: “Powerful words follow us like goodness and mercy.” Phylicia’s comments and reflections on how impactful the words of her professors has been on her life was a great reminder of just how powerful words can be when they are used to build us up. To edify us.

Before I was even halfway through this book I knew it would be one of those books I will return to again and again as a resource and as a recommendation for other Christian women.

Highlight Sentences That Impact You

As I’ve been working on writing my own book, one of my new favorite practices is to make a list of pages numbers and favorite quotes in the back of the book.

This makes finding those portions easier later to either share in my writing or with a friend.

Don’t Let The Term “Theologian” Intimidate You

Whether you have been a Christian for a long time or not, Every Woman a Theologian will help you to better understand your Christian faith and how to share it with others. It will also convict you of places you may still need to submit to Jesus.

And don’t let the term “Theologian” intimidate you. To be a theologian doesn’t mean you have to be an expert, but it does mean you have to be “engaged” with your faith… and being truly engaged with your faith, able to understand it, live it and share it, that is a beautiful way to live.

I highly recommend this book to any Christian woman who is ready to dig deeper. It will bless you.

Learn More About Phylicia & Her Ministry

To learn more about Phylicia and her ministry visit her website at On her site you’ll find lots of great written resources available in print or digital format as well as a variety of home goods under her Verity Home brand as well as Bible study products, tees and more.

Cover image of the Verity podcast with Phylicia Masonheimer.

And if you enjoy listening to podcasts, check out her podcast, Verity. Available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

I really enjoyed the episode she did with Pastor Mike Winger, of Bible Thinker (one of my favorite teachers and podcasts for biblical “thinking”) discussing charismatic theology and the New Apostolic Reformation or NAR. When we know what God’s Word actually says, we are better equipped to spot false gospels and teachers.

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