Image of the cover of the book God's Smuggler by Brother Andrews with John and Elizabeth Sherrill

Book Recommendation: God’s Smuggler

Looking for a Christian book you won’t be able to put down? God’s Smuggler needs to be on your Amazon list right now! I read this book over the Memorial Day weekend and found myself totally engrossed in the true story of Brother Andrew, a Dutch missionary, who set out alone behind the Iron Curtain following WWII to bring Bibles and the love of Christ to struggling Christians.

If you aren’t familiar with the rise of Communism following WWII and the death grip it had on countries in Eastern Europe, you might find yourself wanting to do a little more research on the topic once you’ve finished reading Brother Andrew’s story. The short story is that following WWII, many of the countries that were occupied by the Nazi’s during the war (like Poland and obviously Germany) found themselves under the rule of a new occupying oppressor, Russia. The rise of Communism (which is inherently an Atheist ideology in which government replaces God), meant that many Christians found themselves without the ability to legally gather in churches or to even possess a Bible.

If you’ve ever taken for granted your right to own a Bible much less read one, God’s Smuggler will have you valuing the Word of God all the more. Brother Andrew’s heart for Christians behind the Iron Curtain, his selflessness and willingness to stop at nothing to do God’s will is an encouragement I know every Christian needs today. I did.

The 48 or so hours I spent with Brother Andrew, turning the pages of his story, was a blessing and opened up a whole new part of my heart for sharing God’s Word and supporting missionaries who do this work bravely and faithfully around the world.

It’s pretty easy to look around us and see the many ways in which the world and our culture is broken. The many ways in which we have broken every law of God. The many ways in which sin and darkness feels heavy and oppressive. But in the midst of darkness, there is still light. There are still people completely and totally sold out for Jesus. People who are willing to do whatever it is God is calling them to. And that’s the goal right? The goal is to die to ourselves so that we can instead live for Christ. Brother Andrew did that and his story may compel you to also. It will certainly push you closer to Jesus and have you holding your Bible with an even greater appreciation.

I can’t recommend this book enough. It will inspire you. It will encourage you. It will remind you just how good and faithful our God is.

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Matthew 7:15-20 ESV