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New Year. New Notebook. New Bride’s Guide


I remember when I never had to write anything down. It was all just filed away in my brain, ready for immediate access. Even phone numbers could be filed away in my brain and recalled later when needed. But somewhere along the way things changed. I began realizing that writing things down was absolutely essential to making sure that nothing fell through the cracks. So I started using small notebooks to keep track of to-do lists, important phone numbers, notes, etc.. I now have my favorite brand of notebook (Markings) and use a new notebook until it is filled page-by-page and ready to be retired to a shelf with it’s ancestors that came before.

Coincidently I just filled up my notebook that I started last Spring, and so it’s time to begin a new notebook. Fresh and clean and ready to be filled with all of those little details that are so important and that need to be written down so they aren’t forgotten or misplaced in my still sharp but very full brain!

I’m also super excited about The Bride’s Guide 2013 edition. I’ll still be sending out the PDF version electronically to my potential brides, but now have a lovely magazine style guide to share in person. The Bride’s Guide includes my 2013 Wedding Collections and a la Carté offerings as well as information about engagement sessions, First Looks and FAQs. If you’re a bride or a wedding planner/venue coordinator and would like an actual copy via snail mail please send me a message at and include your mailing address and email address and I will be happy to send you a hard copy!

Here’s to a new year and a new notebook… time to fill it with an updated to-do list!!


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