More Important Than the Sound of Your Voice? - Elizabeth Langford

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More Important Than the Sound of Your Voice?


How has the ping of my inbox become more important than the sound of your voice?

If you’re a work-from-home mom then you know exactly what I’m talking about. That incessant, relentless ping from the sound of yet another email dropping into your inbox. Another demand on your time, another item on your to-do list. And how often does it receive priority over the little voices that are asking you to come and play. The little voices that beckon you out into the yard for giggles and goofiness. The little voices that are asking, always asking for your attention.

I’m guilty of it, and I know I’m not alone. In fact I blogged about it years ago and even then, when I could see that I needed to make a change, I still chose to live enslaved to the dings and pings. And as we all know it’s not just your email notifying you all day, it’s social media, it’s your cell phone. From every direction you can feel like you are under constant attack, a barrage of binging. But to what end? If it’s a steady stream, a constant flow then why not just let it go by for awhile.

Why not grab that little hand and run into the yard for your own time-out. The inbox will be there when you get back. The social media notifications will be there upon your return. It’s not just the little ones that will notice the shift in your priorities. The big ones will notice too. Your husband, your friends. How about the big guy upstairs? Are you letting the dings and pings drown out His voice?


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