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Focus on What Matters Most


Statistically only 8% of Americans actually achieve their New Year’s Resolutions and almost half of us give up by the end of the first month. So it’s probably not a big surprise that I’ve been struggling with mine. I made two resolutions this year. #1: Write at least 500 words per day. #2: Launch an online course about getting control of your stuff.

I don’t know about you, but if we were keeping score on maintaining resolutions, I’d be losing right now. And nobody likes to lose. But the reality is you can’t win all the time… so what if instead of getting down on ourselves for “losing” we decided to use those times we didn’t win as a way to learn more about our strengths and weaknesses and who we are at our core?

One of my strengths is starting. I start strong. Always have. But my reality is I struggle to maintain. I used to feel a lot of guilt for not being a “maintainer” until I realized that being a “starter” is also a gift. I took for granted my ability to think outside the box and start something new. I assumed everyone was a “starter” and I was just a loser when it came to maintaining.

But that’s simply not the truth. I excel at starting; now I understand I need to put more effort and focus into maintaining. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just me. I have weaknesses… big surprise. So do you. [Shocker. I know.]

So when the Monday Morning Pep Talk is really a Monday Afternoon Pep Talk because there’s no school today and the 7 year-old who calls me “mom” requests French Toast for breakfast and a couch cuddle… I can either choose to do the thing that puts a check mark in the “maintenance win” category… or I can do the thing that matters more. I chose to make the breakfast, enjoy the couch cuddle and send this email a few hours late.

I might not be winning at my resolutions, but I’m winning at understanding “me” more and reorganizing my priorities.

What about you? Are you winning at your resolutions or are you learning something far more valuable in the areas you fail?

I’m challenging you today to stop worrying about winning and losing and focus more on what matters most.

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