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The “un-reality” of Reality TV


If you know me at all. If we’ve ever had a conversation. You might know that I love reality TV. It’s almost a little embarrassing to admit that like millions of other Americans I thank God for my DVR player on a regular basis. As a mom, wife and business owner I don’t have time for appointment television anymore… but thanks to my DVR I don’t have to be glued to my couch at a certain time on a certain night. Of course that also means that I have to avoid reading Facebook, Yahoo News and pretty much the majority of the internet if I’m not up-to-speed on what’s happening on my favorite show.

I can pinpoint when my love affair with reality TV happened. It was my senior year of college and Colby Donaldson was kicking @ss and taking names on a little show called Survivor. From that point forward I was dedicated. I loved the competition, strategy and craziness that transpired when the cameras were rolling… and with reality TV… the cameras were ALWAYS rolling. I watched the first several seasons of The Apprentice, up until they started doing Celebrity Apprentice. In my opinion that totally killed the appeal of the show (at least for me). I even got my husband addicted to watching reality TV with me and it’s been years since we’ve missed a season of The Amazing Race, Big Brother or Survivor. I’ve never watched Jersey Shore but I will confess to watching 16 and Pregnant (while I was pregnant) and several seasons of The Real Housewives. Add on top of that shows like What Not to Wear, House Hunters (which was recently busted for not being “real” enough), Pregnant in Heals, House Crashers, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and just about every showed ever produced by TLC. You name it, I’ve watched it.

So why am I blogging about it today? I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s because the season finale of The Bachelorette was Sunday night and I’m a little sad that I won’t get to peak in on Emily Maynard’s dating life anymore. Maybe it’s because the new season of Project Runway started last week and I can’t wait for tomorrow night to roll around so I can feed my passion for reality TV and creativity (although I couldn’t sew my way out of a 4-H pillow project if I had to. If you ever took sewing in 4-H you’ll know exactly which project I’m referring to.) Maybe it’s because that as I am sitting here typing this blog post I’ve got Big Brother After Dark on… which reminds me, it’s Wednesday!! Woot woot. A new episode of Big Brother airs tonight. Whatever the reason… reality TV was definitely on my mind today. Which got me to thinking about the “un-reality” part of all the hours of reality television that are broadcast weekly.

When has a woman ever dated 3 guys seriously at the same time?  Who actually takes helicopters on dates overlooking waterfalls? When do you ever get to lay around in a backyard eating pork rinds all day and talking strategy about how to evict your sworn enemy?  Do fashion designers ever create amazing masterpieces in 48 hours with less than 6 hours of sleep?  Do people really chase each other down busy streets in India searching for purple painted Buddhas?  There isn’t a lot about my favorite reality shows (or the countless others that I don’t watch) that really show real life. But maybe that’s why reality TV is as popular as it is?  It’s an escape. A deviation from the real world we live in and a chance to imagine if only for 44 minutes + commercial time what our lives could be like. What it would be like to walk around in someone else’s shoes for a spell.

Reality TV might be missing the mark on “true reality.”  Is that going to make me stop watching?  Un-likely.

Anyone out there in Internet land addicted to reality TV too?  Share your favorite show(s) in the comments below…



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